Sunday bloody Sunday

Why are Sundays always a little bit depressing?

I just saw Woody Allen’s latest movie “Midnight in Paris”, and it made me think (again) that people are always unsatisfied with something in their lives. And as much as they think that they would be perfectly happy in another way, I am sure that they would find something to complain as well. It’s like everybody likes to be after this intangible thing that is happiness, not realizing that it is only up to them all along. We should just take the time to stop and smell the roses. Carpe diem =)

One thought on “Sunday bloody Sunday”

  1. Still did not see this one, but I recommend another Woody Allen's master piece "Whatever works", this is the first of his films I really enjoyed and I think it's kind of testimonial of his view of life tempered with some irony to make it a comedy. Maybe complements this one's message.

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