I am finally back to programming. Trying to use this Scala language that’s supposed to be “functional Java”. It is still not natural for me to program in these two paradigms… I have been using OO imperatively too long. My first impression is that it is a bulky language (well, of course, since it’s Java based), and sometimes this makes it hard for me to understand the code. It has even a way to pass parameters to a function implicitly. Now, who wants such a thing? I think that the trade-off of writing some extra characters on every function call and making the code readable pays off, but who am I to say? Nevertheless, the pattern matching thing really helps (of course that there is a special keyword to declare a class that is used in a matching latter) and I hope I can make those two paradigms work in a nice way together.

Anyway, it is nice to work again on a big project, where we need to care about what other developers are doing, sharing code, think about architecture and all. =)

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