Cool covers

Why is it that sometimes I feel I can juggle with chainsaws and other times I can’t play catch? Fortunately, this week was chainsaw week, and lots of things got done πŸ™‚

To celebrate this, here’s two covers of two cool bands by two cool bands!

First one is a pearl I found by chance… Belle and Sebastian sing Mutantes! Mutantes is a Brazilian band from the 60’s, formed by some more or less famous people like Rita Lee and Arnaldo Batista, among many others that came and went. They play cool and happy songs which I like very much. Belle and Sebastian is a Scottish band known (by me) for Piazza New York Catcher from Juno’s soundtrack, among other really cool songs, like Funny Little Frog.
Anyway, isn’t it cute how they sing in Portuguese with this accent??? πŸ™‚

Belle and Sebastian – A Minha Menina (Os Mutantes)

Second one I found while listening to the MTV Unplugged of Florence + the Machine, which is a nice album on itself. Don’t you love when you’re just not paying attention to what it’s playing and then something super cool plays? They have a cover of Jackson, by Johnny Cash and June Carter, country singers also from the 60’s. Very interesting combination πŸ™‚

Florence + the Machine – Jackson (Johnny Cash and June Carter)


Last Christmas my brother in law sent us a gift. The gift was a CD, this one:

If you don’ t know this guy, he plays the lead character of the series House M.D. (interesting series… by the way). Buuut he is also a musician, a pretty good one. He plays some kind of blues/jazz influenced by the New Orleans school of music (I don’t know if this is actually a real thing, but I am hoping you understand), which is funny, since he is British. Here’s a sample.
I already knew a few of the songs, and I was very happy to get the CD. One weekend I decided to listen to it. I don’t know if this ever happened to you, but I had this nostalgic feeling as I opened the CD and put it in the player. It’s been years since I don’t do this!! Really! With the advent of music streaming, I never touched a CD again. And it felt so good πŸ™‚  It feels like now we take music for granted, just push a button on the browser and you can play whatever you want. But the CD… it’s like this thing, this materialized music, with a cover, and texts, and pictures… You put it to play and you go through this little booklet, reading the lyrics, seeing the pictures, reading the names of the people as you listen to the music.
I guess now I know how vinyl records feel like to the previous generation…