Dog days are over

Just so I don’t lose the habit of posting songs. And to celebrate my very last course exam =D
Hopefully I won’t have to take courses again for a very very long time!!

Social responsability

There is only one Brazilian channel on the cable TV here in Vienna. It is not the best one (actually, it’s very very bad), but I was missing listening some Portuguese and tired of listening to news about Syria and Libya all day long. So I watched for a few minutes and saw this part when they help really poor people. There was this lady with four kids and all she wanted was a hot dog kart, so she could stop working as a cleaning lady and start a hot dog business. Not a car, not a house, not a TV set or computer… a hot dog kart. I was astonished. First of all, it was a very smart attitude to ask for something that could give her some profit. Second, I felt really sad about it… really. I think it’s because I realized that some people need so little to be happy, and sometimes I think I could do something to help… but I do nothing. =(
Something’s gotta change.

Brazilian Music

Today a colleague called me and said he’d show me a “brazilian music” that he found. Why was I not surprised when he showed me this? Damn the stereotypes!!

To avoid any future confusion and to save our music and culture, I made this playlist with some nice Brazilian music and sent to everyone here. I was glad to find that bossa nova is still known outside Brazil =)
I post my favorite one here.


In the end of the day, what is really the difference between being at the office working alone or at home? At least I can lie on my bed over there. That’s it. I’m going.
Damn you people with social lives!

“Just when you think you’re in control…”