Social responsability

There is only one Brazilian channel on the cable TV here in Vienna. It is not the best one (actually, it’s very very bad), but I was missing listening some Portuguese and tired of listening to news about Syria and Libya all day long. So I watched for a few minutes and saw this part when they help really poor people. There was this lady with four kids and all she wanted was a hot dog kart, so she could stop working as a cleaning lady and start a hot dog business. Not a car, not a house, not a TV set or computer… a hot dog kart. I was astonished. First of all, it was a very smart attitude to ask for something that could give her some profit. Second, I felt really sad about it… really. I think it’s because I realized that some people need so little to be happy, and sometimes I think I could do something to help… but I do nothing. =(
Something’s gotta change.