Viernes 3 am

A febre de um sábado azul e um domingo sem tristezas, te esquiva do teu próprio coração e destrói tuas certezas. E em tua voz, só um pálido adeus. E o relógio no teu punho marcou as 3. De um sonho de um céu e de um mar e de uma vida perigosa, trocando o amargo pelo mel, e as cinzas pelas rosas, te faz bem, tanto quanto mal. Faz odiar tanto quanto querer demais. Você trocou de tempo e de amor, de música e de idéias, também trocou de sexo e de deus, de cor e de bandeiras. Mas em si, nada vai mudar, e um sensual abandono virá. E o fim. Então levanta o cano outra vez, e aperta contra a testa, e fecha os olhos e vê um céu de primavera. Bang bang bang. Folhas mortas que caem. Sempre igual, os que não podem mais se vão.

Original version:


I was finding it very weird that only 700 MB of my 4 GB RAM memory was free when I was only running Chrome… After reading a lot of forums about memory management and chrome and all, I found out that Linux uses my unused RAM for buffers and cache. During my search, I installed a quite cute version of top, called htop. It has colors and a chart =)
But an easy way to see how much of your RAM memory is being used by buffers and cache is with the command free. In my case, the output was:

             total    used    free  shared  buffers   cached
Mem:       3909684 3201664  708020       0   180988  1648576
-/+ buffers/cache: 1372100 2537584

If I check the second line, I can see that the used memory is actually about 1.3 GB (still a lot, in my opinion), which is exactly the used memory from the line above minus the buffers and cache parts. I read somewhere that Linux has a lazy deallocation, so I don’t expect to see a free RAM memory anytime…

TGI Friday

I feel exhausted… both physically and mentally. I just wanted to get home and relax, but my mind doesn’t seem to let me not worry about the things that I still have to do. And this does not let me actually think about some things I need to think about. See how the cycle works?

This song has been playing on the radio for some time now, and it has this well know pop sound and etc. But I like it anyway. I think that’s because I like the message “we just wanna make the world dance”, and I always feel like we should dance more. Unfortunately, the singer does not follow her own philosophy, and the music is not available for free download…

News of Thursday

– They painted brand new cycling paths on one avenue I pass by. Hopefully the next paths will go all the way up to my house!
– I had lunch in a completely vegetarian restaurant today. Vegetarian food can be good!!
– Bought some clothes for me and my boyfriend to run during winter.
– Got pulled over by an officer for driving on the opposite direction of the road. He made me walk two blocks taking the bike by hand…

The High Strung

Weird band… I am trying to get used to their music, but very often I notice that I like only those little parts of the music that are a bit off. This one for example… the “who knows maybe I’m wrong” and “don’t give it credit, it’s not really that smart” parts sound very good to me. And I keep listening just expecting to hear it.

Reading day

Reading and more reading, it’s never enough!!

By the way, on my way back home I saw one of these street thermometers, and at 9 pm it was displaying 32 degrees. I am not complaining. I actually prefer 32 degrees than any negative temperature, but I never thought it would get to that here!


I am finally back to programming. Trying to use this Scala language that’s supposed to be “functional Java”. It is still not natural for me to program in these two paradigms… I have been using OO imperatively too long. My first impression is that it is a bulky language (well, of course, since it’s Java based), and sometimes this makes it hard for me to understand the code. It has even a way to pass parameters to a function implicitly. Now, who wants such a thing? I think that the trade-off of writing some extra characters on every function call and making the code readable pays off, but who am I to say? Nevertheless, the pattern matching thing really helps (of course that there is a special keyword to declare a class that is used in a matching latter) and I hope I can make those two paradigms work in a nice way together.

Anyway, it is nice to work again on a big project, where we need to care about what other developers are doing, sharing code, think about architecture and all. =)