Ah! The future…

This Christmas I got a cleaning robot as a gift from my mother. I guess I can say that I’m really a housewife now… specially after noticing how excited I was about it. I named it Rosie, as a tribute to her:

After a few minutes of charge, I was able to test its cleaning power. It is actually cleaning the hallway as I write this post (I wonder if I’ll have time to post more often now!). For the bedroom it worked pretty well. I removed everything that I could so that Rosie could walk freely around and get to every corner. After some 15 minutes I hear a nice chime and that’s her warning me she’s done =)

I went there to check and all the dust and hair was gone! It’s amazing!! And all I had to do was to take some chairs out of the way. Ah appliances… they just make everything much easier! Now I know how my grandmother must have felt like when she got her first washing machine. After this, I am more confident that all the household chores will be automatized some day, and we won’t even have to dust! Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

I haven’t tested some features though… It is said that it will not fall if it encounters a step or something, but since I have no steps here, I would have to put it over the table… Another feature is the virtual wall. It came with a small device that I can turn on somewhere and Rosie will not go over the invisible line of the device. I can also put her back somewhere I think was not clean and tell her to work harder at the place.

Anyway, it’s very cool!
Here’s a picture of her:

She might not be as human like as the other one, but she sure does the job. =)