Evince’s annotations: “final” report

Google Summer of Code is officially over and it’s good to look back and see what happened during the summer (even if the work is not over yet!!). I will go ahead and do the list-based post which helps me keep things clear.

These were nice features that were implemented or fixed and that are already on the latest evince release (yey o/):

These are patches which are currently under review:
And there is a branch in which I am finishing developing highlight annotations. After several iterations, we decided to make it work with highlight first, so that adding strike out, squiggly, and underline is trivial afterwards. Here’s how it is working:

You can see that there is a big delay between dragging the cursor and updating the view with the highlight. It is precisely this problem that I am trying to fix at the moment, thus “final”, in quotes, as the title of this post.
Among fixing/reporting bugs and coding, I’ve met great people along the way and got to know an incredible community. The whole experience was great and I hope it lasts more than this summer 🙂