Evince annotations: progress report

What is done:

  • Clicking on the annotation icon open and closes the annotation window.
  • Annotations can be deleted (by gpoo).
  • The annotation window has one color, like a post-it.
  • The annotation window opens focused.
  • The popup menu opened upon right-clicking the annotation icon contains only annotation options (i.e., “Annotation properties” and “Delete”).
  • If the annotation window is focused, the changes to the annotation are acknowledged.
  • The annotation window color is changed immediately once the user selects another color in the properties window and clicks on “Apply”.
What is still missing:
  • Clicking and moving the pointer on the annotation window does not select the text but moves the window (used to work before 🙁 ).
  • When an annotation window appears as a result of scrolling through the document, it should not get the focus.
  • The icon needs to be “movable”.
  • Alt-tab behaves in a weird way if there is an annotation window open.
  • There should be an indication as to which comment icon a note belongs to when it is opened. 
And of course… implementation of other annotations!
Here are screenshots of before and after: