Changing the world

So here’s my list of stuff I think we can all do to make a change. Feel free to disagree, warn me about something that I am doing wrong and specially add things there!

– Smile to people. (Harder than it seems unfortunately. Specially when you are a girl and many men think that you’re flirting just for smiling).
– Be nice just for the sake of being nice.
– Recycle as much as possible. I recently found out a place near where I live where I can give old broken electronics and kitchen oil. Inform yourself.
– Don’t use plastic bags.
– Save water by turning off the tap when washing the dishes.
– Save water by turning off the tap when brushing your teeth.
– Save water by turning off the shower while scrubbing (this is extra hard, I’ll admit, specially in winter).
– Save water everywhere, not only at your house because you pay the bills.
– Don’t be petty.
– Don’t spend on unnecessary things. When you want to buy something, breathe and let the idea of buying sink in for 30 minutes. Only get it if you really want. Most of the times you’ll realize that the will goes away.
– Be vegetarian once or twice a week (maybe 5 times!). And by vegetarian I don’t mean people that eat fish! I mean real vegetarian.
– Don’t buy pets. There are plenty homeless pets ready for adoption at the local kennel.
– Don’t litter. If you need to throw something away and there’s no garbage bin nearby, just keep it in your pocket or hold it if it’s something disgusting to put in the pocket. You’ll eventually find a place to throw this away.
– Use only one paper towel to dry your hands, or use no paper at all.
– Reuse the back side of papers.
– Print two sided documents. Staple them not to mix the order.
– Turn off your screen or put your laptop to sleep if you’re not using it.
– Turn off the lights. Again, not only in your house because you pay the bills.