About us and the technology

This week something very interesting (and also maybe sad) happened in Brazil. The government has this program of giving financial aid for poorer families, and every month these people go to the bank to withdraw their money. Last weekend there was a rumor in social networks that this benefit would end, and that people had only until Saturday to get their money. Although this was officially denied by the government on the same day, it was not as strong as the terrible rumor, and thousands of people filled the banks on Saturday, in several states of Brazil. It is said that around 900.000 people were able to withdraw their benefits.

This immediately reminded me of a very very good series I have been watching. It’s called Black Mirror and it’s exactly about how technology is becoming more and more present in our lives, and what are the consequences of that if we don’t pay attention. It is not a series per se, since each episode is independent of the other (different plot and characters). But all of them have this characteristic of teasing us about how we react (or not react) to the technological advances. There are only two seasons, each with three episodes, and they are all worth it 🙂